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Sacred Space - About us                                                                                                                                                                      


 About us

                                                                   Love transcends all 

Carolji Corbeil and Eric Forgues are Reiki Master-Teachers, Healing Touch Practitioners and Reflexologists. Eric is titular of a doctorate of sociology and is undertaking research projects on community development, health, wellness and regional sustainable development at the Moncton University. Carolji is a Marketing and Communications Consultant, member of the Marketing Committee of United Way for the Greater Moncton Area and member of the City of Dieppe's Promotion of French Committee. She is also a speaker on the topic of "Dealing with Stress at Work". Among their projects, Eric and Carolji have taught Reiki at the University of Moncton. Eric and Carolji have also collaborated as Co-Editorialists and Writers to the Maritime Health and Wellness Magazine Wellness Networker. Their first book about spirituality within the couple was published in the Summer of 2006.

Love is the greatest master that we can encounter on our life path : 

It has the power to penetrate the heart and transform the entire being 

Karlfried Graf Dürckheim

First Step - The Awakening


Eric's awakening: My conscious spiritual life started at I was 18 years old. A this time, I lived a significant awakening experience allowing me to reconnect with a forgotten dimension of my life. This consciousness-raising allowed me to reconnect with my spiritual heritage. Therefore revealing the full potential of my life experience to discover. Throughout this period, few people in my vicinity could explain exactly what I was experiencing. Life opportunities allowed me to connect with a few rare individuals that would inspired me to move further onto my spiritual path. Subsequently to this awakening momentum that lasted from the age of 18 to 25 years old, I then entered in what I call my “dark forest” period. 

It has taken ten years before I could re-establish the connection with my spiritual heritage. My meeting with Carolji allowed me to leap onto higher spiritual grounds. We are now pursuing our spiritual path together as a couple. I am now gradually learning to re-integrate the spiritual dimension into my daily life experiences.

Carolji's awakening: In 1995, I met a Light Bearer. He was the physical manifestation of an inner guide present within. His everyday accompaniment served as a platform for an in-dept spiritual work bringing my individualized fragmented consciousness closer to the creative divine source. This knowledgeableness life experience was concretized while I was at the employment of an international tourism and real estate resort development company, far from an ashram or a secluded dwelling. This acquaintance created a breach which engaged my whole being in a gradual evolutionary spiritual work. It is within this context that I began the transformation process of all illusionary and non creative pattern behaviors. On our particular spiritual path, it happens that one must bring considerable life changes in order to allow a new state of being resulting from a steady process of light integration. After having taken the first steps towards Oneself, we are invited to bring to a focus our faith healing within the divine Light.


 « Again (amen), I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are 

to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father. For where two or three are 

gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them» (Mt 18,19-20).


Second Step - The Apprenticeship  


  • Reiki Usui First Level (Sho Den): We received the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Level I initiations and teachings from Rev. Fran Brown in Fredericton, Nouveau-Brunswick. Rev. Fran Brown presently live in San Mateo, California. While attending her workshop, she had the true kindness of sharing with us, a well kept secret on how to remain spiritually grounded. For Rev. Brown the secret reside within a generous and flavorful bowl of ice cream. She recommend the divine essence of chocolate. She says that it works fine with her. We have tried the secret method and we can confirm without any doubt that the method is legitimate, hmm, hmm. 

  • Reiki Usui Second Level (Oku Den) and Third Level (Shinpi Den) : We received the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Level II and Level III initiations and teachings from Gisele Leblanc  in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a holistic practitioner, Gisele Leblanc works and teachs in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She combines Cranio sacral therapy with Reiki. She also works for the Sable Island Preservation Trust organism in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  • Qigong Introduction Course: We have participated to the Qigong introductory course taught by Sylvia Kasparian at the Moncton University in New Brunswick.  With great simplicity and humility  Mrs Kasparian introduced us to the basic techniques of Qigong. Besides teaching Qigong,  Sylvia Kasparian teaches Linguistic at the Moncton University Campus in Nouveau-Brunswick.

  • Falun Gong (Falun Dafa) Workshop : We participated to the Falun Gong workshop offered by Muhong Wang at the Royal Canadian Legion Center in  Moncton, New Brunswick. 

  • Healing Touch: We have completed the Healing Touch program (Level I through V) to become HTP (Healing Touch Practitioners). We have received the teachings by Alexandra Jonsson in  Salmonier River, Newfoundland, Sandra Pickrell-Baker in Moncton, New Brunswick and Nicole Kasemir in Montreal, Quebec. Our Healing Touch Mentor, Alexandra Jonsson RN, BScN, CHTP/I  has been involved in the teaching and practice of energy based therapies since 1983. Her background includes hospital based nursing and working as a volunteer offering healing work at the Toronto People with AIDS Foundation. Alexandra currently has a private practice offering counseling, stress management and Healing Touch therapies. She is presently the Executive Director of HTC (Healing Touch Canada).

  • Reiki Lightarian Bouddhic Boost, I, II, III, IV, V & VI : Eric received the Lightarian Reiki Level one to six from Nicole Gosselin Croteau. Thereafter, Eric transmitted the teachings and initiations to Carolji.

  • Reiki Karuna Practitioner Levels I & II, Master Levels I & II : Carolji received all teachings and initiations from Nicole Gosselin Croteau in Charlebourg, Quebec. Thereafter, Carolji transmitted all teachings and initiations to Eric.

  • Seichim & Seichim-Sehkem-Reiki (SSR) Practitioner and Master Levels: We received the all teachings, initiations and guided meditations from Didier Judenne in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Blue Star: Within a healing modality exchange between holistic energy therapists, Elizabeth Dufour is presently receiving all Reiki Lightarian guided meditations from both Eric and Carolji. Carolji received all Blue Star teachings, initiations, guided meditations from Élizabeth Dufour 

  • Lightarian Rays and AngelLinks : Within a healing modality exchange between holistic energy therapists and facilitators, Carolji is presently offering the Reiki Lightarian the guided meditations to Anita Briggs DCED, Msc, RET. and in return Anita is presently offering the Lightarian Rays and AngelLinks initiations/guided meditations to Carolji.  Thereafter Carolji will transmit the initiations/guided meditations to Eric. Anita Briggs reside in the Region of Hampton, New Brunswick and she also practices the healing technique of "RapidEyeTechnology"

  • Reflexology : We received the teachings from Jeanne-Mance Landry, Moncton, N.B.


Third Step - The Sharing

Sharing our faith healing is one of the most valuable gift one can give.


The following are the students we have made Reiki Masters (Level III):

  • Antonia Paulin, Paquetteville, New Brunswick

  • Thérèse Langis, Bouctouche, New Brunswick

  • Mohamed Zeitoun, Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Gisèle Saindon, Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Jackie Savoie, Moncton, New Brunswick

  • Carol Kent, Quispamsis, New Brunswick

  • Doris Popert, Sackville, New Brunswick

  • Erin Wentzell, Brooklyn, Nova Scotia



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