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     Welcome to this sacred space accessible to the individual who wish to regain self-empowerment and who aspire to evolve toward a more effective and harmonious life experience. This sacred space is devoted to peace and silence, from where an inner vision of equanimity, wisdom and compassionate love emerges. It is within the sacredness of the intention that the healing process is achieved through self commitment, faith healing and mindfulness.  


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Dieppe, New Brunswick, N.B. 
presented in English or French 



Offered Upon Request

Dieppe, New Brunswick, N.B. 
presented in English  or in French



              offered upon request

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Reiki and Healing Touch Treatments in Dieppe 506-382-7932

  • Reiki and Healing Touch are holistic healing methods based on natural energy to increase the health and the well being of the physical body, the mind and the spirit. These energy therapies are Reiki and Healing Touch assist us to reinforce our natural healing skills. Independently of the state or condition under which a person is, Reiki and Healing Touch will honor you with respect and compassion. A treatment of Reiki and Healing Touch is an experience of unconditional love and unity of oneself. - Treatment by appointment in person or at a distance. You can contact Eric at (506) 382-7932. - Click Here

Our Magazine Articles

    Our articles are published in the Wellness Networker the Maritimes' Premier Source for Wellness, Health and Personal Growth Information. Here are some English Excerpts: 


  • The Empowerment of Community Healing by Carolji Corbeil and Eric Forgues, Wellness Networker magazine, January 2006, New Brunswick: "Whether it takes place on the collective level or on an individual basis, healing calls upon a deep-seated respect for the lifelong experiences, convictions and certainties of all those concerned. In a spirit of respect and recognition, we wish to share with you our thoughts on the subject of Community Healing. On July 28, 2005, the Acadie Nouvelle Newspaper published an editorial pertaining to the Day of Commemoration of the Great Deportation in which the reader could find the following excerpt: ..., l’Acadie has demanded that the Crown express its regrets for the serious damages and prejudices inflicted on our people. The response given was a recognition of the historical facts. The offering of regrets was too much to ask for. It is impossible for us to turn the page. July 28 of each year will never commemorate the healing of our wound. Instead, it will serve as a memorial to the wound itself as long as the Crown does not demonstrate a more significant sentiment."   This editorial excerpt gives rise to questions about the collective healing process when the trauma afflicts a whole community.- Click Here

  • Book review: L'envers de la pillule, J.-Claude St-Onge, by Eric Forgues, Magazine Wellness Networker, October 2005, Nouveau-Brunswick: "Just as I was completing the French book “L’envers de la Pillule”, by J.-Claude St-Onge, it was announced in the news that a Texas state court jury had found Merck; a multinational pharmaceutical corporation, responsible for the sudden death of a 59-year old man who had been taking Vioxx-a recently banned Merck-manufactured wonder drug generally prescribed for osteo-arthritis and pain symptoms. A revealing and scathing analysis of the pharmaceutical industry, L’envers de la Pillule”, identifies several other medications like Vioxx, which jeopardize the health of the population while greatly increasing the health and wellbeing of the corporate wallets of the pharmaceutical industry..." - Click Here

  • Emergence of the Cultural Creatives, by Eric Forgues, Wellness Networker Magazine, October 2004, New Brunswick: "A powerful new subculture is transforming the western civilization. This statement has been substantially corroborated by a colossal research conducted in the United States and overseen by a Canadian psychologist and an American sociologist. Following a twelve year research project delineated by 100,000 surveys, Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson have shown that 26% of all Americans, which represents 50 million people, are changing the world by creating a new culture. The Cultural Creatives define themselves through their sensitivity towards the environment and a more defined feminine perspective of the world, in unison with a new health and spiritual approach. The Cultural Creatives are subdivided into two distinct groups. Each group representing approximately 25 million people: the central core group, considered to be advanced, has created a connecting structure with the environment, social justice, feminine vision of the world and psycho-spiritual development.  As per the outward-bound group, even if they share common social values with the central core group, the bringing about of connecting the social and spiritual issues represents a more significant challenge. In fact, they appear noticeably less interested by the psycho-spiritual development. - Click Here

Our First Book about Spirituality within the Couple

The French version of our first book was published in Summer 2006  : 

  • (English draft version of French Excerpt) : "In the present transition, more and more souls recognizing each others. They are led to form couples not only through liking affinities, but predominantly through the forceful attraction of readiness to deepen their awakening process within one of the most powerful and evolutionary love relation there is to experience: the couple. The most efficient experiences of true reconnection with the Light are lived through relationships and social interactions. Not only the Light may act as guidance for self-isolated and secluded individuals, but it finds the most dynamic conscious expansionist qualities through relationships within social context. The integration of the light passes by the experiment of the relations (or by the relational experiment with others). The integration of the light aims not only the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual plans, but it also aims at enabling us to integrate our higher self, the body of light.  At this present moment, we are called into becoming beings of light that have the authority and knowledge to harness the full potential of our spirit as a creative and intelligent force. This mastership will reflect into the manifestation of our divine creativeness. The Light is the living source of love consciousness. It composes all parts and encloses each and every being as a whole. Anyone who willingly and consciously opens himself to the presence Light will truly profits from the Source, like the flower profits from the rays of the sun." - Click Here




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