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 Questions & Answers

                                              About Energy Therapies and Natural Healing Methods 
                          This section is primarily inspired by the questions from our Reiki students and patients. 




What is the difference between Reiki and Healing Touch ?

In fact, there is not a lot of difference between all energy therapies when we understand the true foundation of energy work which reside first and foremost in the intention, the faith and the quality of being present and open towards the energy.

Reiki or Healing Touch energy work is the true encounter between the individual receiving, the individual giving the treatment and the energy.

One of the most noticeable difference between Reiki and Healing Touch resides in the teaching methods. For instance, Reiki's teaching goes directly to the essential of energy work and invites the practitioner to work on himself to increase the energy flow. The work of a Reiki practitioner starts with the act of gently but firmly commanding his own ego to step aside.    

Surely because it is first and foremost promoted by nurses that wish to integrate Healing Touch within the Health Network, Healing Touch teaches that the practitioner is required to find the problem intuitively or rationally  and then apply the appropriate technique. In Healing Touch, there is various techniques and the practitioner is invited to orient a little more the energy work, forgetting sometimes that in fact the healing energy is consciousness et knows what to do.

Another difference between Reiki and Healing Touch resides in the approach towards its relation with the energy: Healing Touch is more influenced by the medical health and wellness approach as per Reiki is more spiritual which remind us that healing is achieve through liberation and spiritual awakening.

One last difference is that Healing Touch is more organised and structured than Reiki. The formation is controlled and follows recognized standards within the program of continued formation for nurses. As per Reiki, besides a few trials of implementing an organised education program and establishing standards, its reflect often the personality of the individual that teaches Reiki. This is why it is important to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate for us when we are about to choose a Reiki practitioner.  


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Can I send Reiki to someone without their consent ? (She or he refuses to receive Reiki or I do not want to tell he or she that I will send Reiki )


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Tell me about the Reiki and Healing Touch Treatments you offer ?


About prayers and meditations ?  









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