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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Basic Traditional Method  

The Usui Natural Healing System calls upon an energy form identified as Reiki. In Japanese, The word "Ki" represents the vital energy circulating within and around us and "Rei" means universal. Together, the words "Rei-ki" represent the interaction between the universal energy and our vital force resulting into the awakening of a dynamic healing process.  

    When combined to faith healing into the re-establishment of a better health condition of all physical, mental, spiritual dimensions of our being, the Reiki energy enables the healing transformation to occur. Reiki is a tool that may be use anywhere, at any time to eliminate stress, to attenuate pain, to reduce fear and anxiety and to regain a natural peaceful, creative and relaxed state of being.  

    A popular western Reiki community belief, implies that the origins of the Usui Natural Healing System may be trace back to ancient Tibet. Mikaomi Usui would have inspired himself from existent ancient Tibetan healing techniques to develop his method. 

     By tradition, the Reiki Usui healing method is transmitted from master to student through oral teaching and sacred initiatic rituals. It is within the sacredness of these ceremonials that the student may ultimately rediscover his healing energy frequence connection to Reiki. Thereafter, it is the healing energy that becomes the master providing intuitive guidance. 

    Throughout time, the history surrounding Reiki Usui could have been embellished and dramatised by storytellers in order to underline the magical and legendary aspects of Mikaomi Usui's story. 

    The followings are the most commonly shared anecdotes transmitted from Reiki Master Takata Hawayo to the first twenty-two Canadian and American Reiki Masters. These anecdotes were recently revisited by Reiki Master and author Frank Arjava Petter who was inspired to trace back the Reiki Usui history to validate and, when appropriate, to adjust our western interpretation of Reiki and Usui's biography. 

    Here are facts of Mikao Usui's story according to the interpretation of Hawayo Takata transmitted to Rev. Fran Brown, transmitted to me and, in consideration of Mr Petter's validation:

  •     At a certain time in his life, Mikaomi Usui will journey on the sacred grounds of Mount Kurama in Japan. He meditated for a period of twenty-one days to facilitate a state of illumination where the healing techniques (through the use of the universal energy of life) were revealed to him. In the aftermath of this revelation,  Mikao Usui dedicated his life and work to healing. 

  •     It is said that over 2000 individuals have learn Reiki from Mikao Usui. He initiated sixteen Reiki Masters. Among them, was Dr. Chujiro Hayashi whom has pursued the healing work of Usui. Le Dr Chujiro Hayashi established his Reiki clinic in Tokyo where Mrs Hawayo Takata from Hawaii came to consult and receive Reiki treatments. 

  •     Mrs Hawayo Takata became Reiki Master 1938 and she introduced the Reiki Usui in the United-States and Canada. She has initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters, among them Rev. Fran Brown from whom I received our Level I teaching and initiations. 

I believe that the most essential component to acknowledge from the historical anecdotes of Reiki Usui is the symbolism concealed within the story. 


Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Workshop :

The Teachers: The Reiki Usui Workshops are taught by Eric Forgues and Carolji Corbeil. They are Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho Teachers and they have received the require teachings to transmit Reiki Usui knowledge and to initiate all interested individuals To convey the Reiki energy to a student, we use the traditional method from the Usui Natural Healing System.(see also About us)


The Three Degrees  -  The traditional Reiki Usui initiation process is composed of three degrees or levels. Each degree allow the student to direct the healing Reiki energy toward a specific purpose: The healing energy of the Reiki Level I is related to the physical layer of energy, the work in the apprenticeship of Reiki Level II is more oriented towards the emotional layer of energy and the Reiki Level III healing energy works at a higher spiritual realm of our Being. It is also wise to acknowledge that Reiki energy works in a holistic way; the healing energy will go where it is required to go. 

                 Level I - First Degree Workshop -   The Reiki Usui Level I also called Sho Den means "transmission" is Japanese and, is taught to those who wish to learn how to use the Reiki energy to heal the physical aspect of their Being. The workshop includes the Reiki history, the principles and the precepts, the hands positioning for self treatment and for treating others. The participant receives the Level I initiations, a detailed manual and a certificate. 

                 Level II - Second Degree Workshop  -   The Reiki Usui Level II also called Oku Den means "oral teaching or teaching through sounds" and, the participant learn the three traditional Reiki symbols and how to use them in their healing work. At this level, the initiation works on the emotional energy layer. Some participants may qualify this level to a greater commitment towards their self healing.  The workshop also includes a detailed manual and a certificate.    

                 Level III - Third Degree Workshop  -   Also called Shinpi Den, this Reiki Level is related to the "teaching of the secret" represent the Master-teacher level increasing the the healing energy at the spiritual level of our Being. The Usui Master symbol is introduce and completes the three fisrt symbols received in at the Level II workshop. At this level, the new Reiki Master learns how to initiate others and how to teach all three levels. The Reiki Level III includes the Master symbol, its meaning and usage. The participant will also receive the last initiation, a detailed teaching manual for all three levels and a Master-teacher level certificate.   

Private or Group Session - At your convenience, we offer private or group workshop. Depending on the Reiki Level, the number of participants in a group may vary between two and fourteen. Some special arrangements may be taken to accomodate larger groups.     

Language - All workshops and manuals are available in English and in French.

Locations - Private and small group (six particpants or less) may be held at our Dieppe, N.B. residence or in the area of Moncton for small or larger groups. Upon request, we can accomodate groups in your region or province, depending on the numbers of participants. 

Workshops Schedule - For your convenience, all three workshops are available on weekends, week days, day or evening with flexible program: full day or three hours blocks .  




Certification - the workshop particpicipant will receive a detailed manual and a certificate.

Cost: Contact us

  • Reiki Usui First Degree (Sho Den)          

  • Reiki Usui Second Degree (Oku Den) 

  • Reiki Usui Third Degree (Shinpi Den)

* To confirm your participation a 50% deposit is require two weeks prior to Level I & II workshops and because of the preparatory exercises a deposit is requested six week prior to Master-teacher level.


** Rabate for couple: one partner receive a 50% rebate on the regular cost of the workshops offered in Dieppe, N.B.


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