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…Thruth cannot be known except through direct experience, through enlightenment. And often language is a barrier to knowing the truth because there is a confusion between beams of non-verbal intuition and that learned arbitrary framework called language.  

Language is symbolic; language-thinking is symbol-thinking…as such language constricts consciousness and places limits on understanding.

John White


The only way out is through the descent of a consciousness. 

By going inward and establishing a conscious conection with the cosmic self force and forces, one can become conscious of these forces, intervene consciously in the play, and to some extent at least determine things in the result of the play

The state of ignorance in which you believe that you are the doer of your acts persists so long as it is necessary for your development; but as soon as you are capable of passing into a higher condition, you begin to see that you are an instrument of one consciousness; you take a step upward and you rise to a higher conscious level.

One can be free only by living in the divine

Sri Aurobindo

We can never finally know. I simply believe that some part of the human Self or Soul is not subject to the laws of space and time.

Carl Jung

The sphere of the soul maintains its perfect form when it is not extended toward any object, or shrinking in on itself, or dispersed or sunk down, but only when it is bathed in light, the light in which it sees the truth, both in all things and in itself.

Marcus Aurelius


The real you is a non local field of information that is trapped in space and time by the body and mind. Your soul, the thinker of thoughts, finds expression through the mind and body, but when body and brain are destroyed, nothing happens to the real you. The unconditional spirit is not energy or matter, it is in the silent spaces between our thoughts.  

Deepak Chopra


"Every word, every image used for God
is a distortion more than a description." 

"Then how does one speak of God?"

"Through Silence."

"Why, then, do you speak in words?"

At that the Master laughed uproariously.
He said, "When I speak, you mustn't listen
to the words, my dear.
Listen to the Silence." 

Anthony de Mello

...All healers and teachers must walk their talk. it takes a lot of self-development and self-transformation and a lot of training in the healing arts to be an effective healer. Humility and meticulous honesty with self are of utmost importance. The hard part about healing training is not the techniques but the personal growth one must go through to become ready to learn the techniques. 

The heart of healing is not the techniques but the states of being out of which those techniques arise.

Barbara Brennan


At the origin, there is no past (to overwhelm) and the future is complete potentiality.

The tensions and relations between things are more important, at times, than the things themselves; how the relationships develop over time takes precedence to mere fact that a relationship exists.

it will be this structure of consciousness that will enable us to overcome the dualism of the mental structure and participate in the transparency of self and life.

The fourth structure toward which we are moving is one of maximum latency and maximum transparency; diaphaneity is one of its hallmarks.

Jean Gebser



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